Fan-made Sonic Remix VS Sonic 4

Published on by Benzaie


click the link for Official Website...
PS: As it seems that the fine folks from
are having a hard time keeping their release (First 3 levels of the game) up and available for everybody... I decided to reupload it myself HERE ! Enjoy !

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<br /> Sonic 4 est simplement raté, les musiques ressemblent aux anciennes, les niveaux sont les mêmes, et la physique est mal foutue.<br /> <br /> Bref, sonic remix WINS !<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> I would say Sonic Remix wins, but really all remix does is add alot more busy effects on screen. I mean stuff like the big Robotnik mech and the burning plants are cool, but their unnecessary, and<br /> I'd say something like the whale leaping out at you is actually counterproductive. I think it looks awesome, but not mind numblingly better than Sonic 4, though granted I've yet to play it.<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> Looks just as good graphically, but Sonic 4 just doesn't do it for me gameplay wise. Sonic is just too slow, and the "new" mechanics for attacking enemies just doesn't work for me. The fan remix<br /> looks like the game play is very similar to the REAL Sonic games of old, while still adding some new and cool things. I'd give Sonic 4 a 6/10 for average, and the fan remix a 7/10 for above average<br /> <br /> <br />