The Player From The Attic (French AVGN)

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Or in French: Le Joueur Du Grenier !


Introducing my good man Frederic, the only French dude I know who borrowed from the original AVGN formula and managed to make a name for himself in France. And it's WELL DESERVED to say the least ! Don't call it a rip-off, the show has its proper identity and the AVGN never reviewed most of what Frederic discussed in his work... If you're French, you'll get a kick out of it ! Also know that he's one of your fellow TGWTG fans ! ENJOY !  (well if you only speak english, check out the video, the game speaks for itself !) 


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<br /> Yep, I tend to do gestures like that all the time !<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> Does french people really use such gestures when they're angry ? 4:15<br /> Well... he IS a AVGN Ripp-Off ~ the first time i saw this video i even thought it's the same room. It looks so similiar.<br /> But he's still good, and it's not a big deal.<br /> <br /> I will watch his videos, 'cause im trying to learn french right now. This should be helpful.<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> Carrément très bon ! C'est effectivement un bon hommage à l'AVGN mais comme tu dis il a sa propre personnalité et de très bonnes blagues.<br /> Mention spéciale à Predator sur la vidéo sur Total Recall, à mourir de rire!<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> It's so good, and i think that one day every gamers had felt outraged like him in front of a stupid bullshiting game<br /> <br /> <br />