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  • The Muppets sing... in FRENCH !

    06 October 2010 ( #Pics & Articles )

    Well I'm pretty sure you're familiar with the Rainbow Connection and Moving Right Along, the two classic tunes from the original Muppet Movie. Well what you might don't be familiar with however, is listening to these... in French. You'll see that Kermit's...

  • The Player From The Attic (French AVGN)

    21 October 2010 ( #Spotlight )

    Or in French: Le Joueur Du Grenier ! Introducing my good man Frederic, the only French dude I know who borrowed from the original AVGN formula and managed to make a name for himself in France. And it's WELL DESERVED to say the least ! Don't call it a...

  • Looking for a chiptune web-radio ?

    22 September 2010 ( #Pics & Articles )

    (SidAbitbALL - Selected Chip Tunes - is available for purchase HERE!) If you're like me, chances are you're not listening to any radio. NONE ! Because the only kind of music you really could listen to for hours upon hours is either Metal or chiptune/retro-V.G.M....

  • Street Fighter II Turbo Flipnote !

    03 November 2010 ( #Pics & Articles )

    ... Not really... It's just me fucking around with the Flipnote app from the DSi XL (the one I got for only $40 thanks to a glitch on Amazon NIARK !) This tool is surprisingly AMAZING ! You can do so much, I've only used the basic function, but it really...

  • Fan-made Sonic Remix VS Sonic 4

    21 October 2010 ( #Pics & Articles )

    Sonic Remix WINS ! click the link for Official Website... PS: As it seems that the fine folks from are having a hard time keeping their release (First 3 levels of the game) up and available for everybody... I decided to reupload it myself...

  • Poké-DERP !

    23 September 2010 ( #Pics & Articles )

    Well there isn't much else to say... apart from the fact that DA user =Zeurel is a brilliant artist, that Bulbasaur is my Favorite and also.. . "I wanna DERP the very best like no one ever DERP. to DERP them is my real test to DERP them is my cause. POKéDERP...

  • The sad reality of Video Game Marketing...

    18 October 2010 ( #Pics & Articles )

    Let's look at Jungle School for a second... this is the original cover art for UK... Well the game looks like a load of crap and I would never buy that sort of game, but the cover art is okay I guess... The prof looks damn sexy for a teacher but her design...

  • FAQ YOU - Dead Rising 2

    01 November 2010 ( #FAQ YOU )

    ------------- Here's a GIF for you, my lovelies ! UPDATE ! by TGWTG user MikeScrase "Actually I figured out an easier way to deal with the sisters and Sulivan. Check out these glitchtastic tips: With the sisters, bring two or three shotguns (found in...

  • Monster Hunter 3G the retarded edition

    06 October 2011 ( #Pics & Articles )

    So let's say you already own a 3DS, you might wanna pre-order this : Sure it's ugly as hell, but you'll have a 2nd stick which apparently is very useful to play Monster Hunter 3G. (if you have a BLUE 3DS then it's gonna look even worse ^^) But the best...

  • It's Benzaie's birthday !

    26 September 2011 ( #Pics & Articles )

    Hello guys, Benzaie here, and we're approaching the 29th of September, which will be my 24th anniversary ! As some of you might be interested in spoiling me for that particular event, I set up an Amazon Wish list on their UK site (so international people...

  • Games you'll be playing in April

    31 March 2011 ( #Pics & Articles )

    Mortal Kombat -though I stopped playing MK after 3- : Jurassic Park - the Game (Kill the fat guy before he fucks shit up): Portal 2 be you want to use that SUPERB skin given by GAMESTOP: Operation Flashpoint: Red River (no I'm kidding, you won't play...

  • The hypothetical TGWTG V.S. Fighter

    29 September 2011 ( #Pics & Articles )

    CHANNEL AWESOME X is a series of character renders by Story board artist Andrew Dickman, re-imagining the Channel Awesome contributors as Capcom-Style fighting game characters. I could see some inspirations coming from the Marvel VS Capcom series, a bit...

  • Conan 3D trailer and what I think of it

    05 May 2011 ( #Pics & Articles )

    It shouldn't surprise anyone here that I'm a HUGE fan of the first Conan the Barbarian movie... I love this movie to an almost religious level (how ironic!). So of course I was extremely afraid of how they would bring back the barbarian to the big screen......

  • Therion Live at HellFest 2011 (fullset)

    21 June 2011 ( #Spotlight )

    Thanks to French/German channel ARTE, here is the full live performance of THERION from HELLFEST 2011 (FRANCE). I couldn't attend it hence why I'm glad it's been captured with actual cameras and not a shakey iPhone ! ENJOY it's basically a free concert...

  • HMP - After Forever

    25 September 2010 ( #Heavy Metal Package )

    So for our first Flashback video, where I'll repost some old crap that you haven't seen or you probably don't remember, I wanted to repost the third Heavy Metal Package episode... Why ? Because it was first published when TGWTG was changing its design...

  • The Borrowers (Arrietty) Review

    15 January 2011 ( #Vlogs )

    Hey guys Benzaie here for something I pretty much NEVER do, giving you my thoughts on a movie I just saw... But this is special, I'm talking about Kari-Gurashi No Arietti from Studio Ghibli, which SHOULD eventually come out in the US under the title "the...

  • Iron Liz: Star Wars Pen & Paper RPG review

    26 September 2010 ( #Spotlight )

    In case you missed it, and for my first "Sunday Spotlight Spot" (we'll get rid of the silly name quickly) I wanted to feature Liz's review of the Star Wars RPG, because I really am a NOOB at Pen & Paper RPGs and I found the videos very interesting if...

  • Sage: Stagnation of Gaming - I disagree

    15 October 2010 ( #Pics & Articles )

    First off, ladies and younger ladies, please watch, if you haven't, the well-written Word of Wisdom episode released by my good fellow Bennett The Sage: ________________________ Sage man, I sincerely think you're only getting this impression of stagnation...

  • Let's Play Metroid oM w/ Sean & JesuOtaku

    24 September 2010 ( #Let's Play )

    _________________________________________________________________ The video is small because it's a recorded stream guys (also explains the framerate)... Trust me, it looks better this way... PS: Thanks for your support guys, the traffic isn't spectacular...

  • Waiting for Skyrim - Oblivion early build

    01 April 2011 ( #Pics & Articles )

    I remember watching this demo back in 2005 and I couldn't believe my eyes... and when the game finally came out, it was obvious they had taken out lots of visual elements, mostly the dynamic soft shadows. I LOE OBLIVION, but it hurts to see the early...

  • Mantis's Mandatory Toxicology Test

    07 March 2011

    "Hello everyone! I’m ScreamingMantis. You may or may not have heard about me before, but this is my first real video, and Ben was nice enough to help me edit and put it on his site. I hope you like it, it’s really nothing, just me trying out some super...

  • Smith & Wesson (the movie)

    10 September 2010 ( #SpeZials )

    First off: the trailer: Then the movie itself !!! And finally, the commentary !

  • Benzaie VS Handsome Tom

    10 September 2010 ( #Collaborations )

    The actual match is sadly missing... sorry guys ! about a year later, Benzaie wanted his revenge... Then Handsome Tom answered... So it was ON ! ROUND ONE ! FIGHT !

  • FAQ YOU shirts promo !

    10 September 2010 ( #FAQ YOU )

    Available HERE !

  • What I'll be playing for X-mas!

    21 December 2010 ( #Pics & Articles )

    ...along with Amnesia the Dark Descent, Braid and Comic Jumper ! Merry X-mas everybody, soon I'll announce who won the Free Monkey Island special etd Bundle and the Humble Bundles ! Stay tuned !

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