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by the way MATT THE SPRAT won a free DeviantArt commision, just tell me in the comments what you want Matt.


And Make sure to post plenty of question for next week's Q&A I'm counting on you guys !

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I only won because nobody else really bothered! But whatever, a win is a win.
Let's see, for my commission request, I'd like to go a bit experimental and request something in similar style to Roger Dean, the dude who made the Yes and Asia album covers among other things.


Great to see you've got your own site!

The question I would like to ask is: what inspired you to do the "GameFap" series?


"If your an american then fuck you."

Hahaaa... :D I'm not american but I don't know either what the hell you were talking about, so I guess it's "fuck you" for me too. Anyway it's pretty awesome that you have your own website now.

Hmmm... what should I ask? Okay, how about:
I know you like metal music and Children Of Bodom. Do you know or listen any other finnish metal bands?

Oh... and I'm from Finland. Not a big suprise. I only wish we had some amazing convention for gamers and/or anime fans that you could visit. Oh well, maybe I just have to fly where ever you are
going next time and hoping to see you there.


I have a lot of production questions-

What method do you use for capturing game play footage for your reviews?
What software do you use for editing?
What camera do you use?
What microphone do you use?
What inspired you to begin making videos?

Now for other questions-
Do you like any sports?
Have any favorite players?
Do you like any anime / manga? Got any favorites? or any that you hate?
What do you think of the big 3D craze in games and movies?
What do you think of the kinect and the sony move?

Are you by chance going to be at MAGfest next year?