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In case you didn't know, Dead Rising is my favorite game on the current generation of consoles... I ADORE DEAD RISING... So I did the natural thing to do: pre-order Dead Rising 2 Zombrex Edition from Zavvi, because it's cheaper than buying it in France... and then... I wait... So much so that I couldn't fathom playing that game on my old ass xbox with the barely functional disc tray, so I bought a new one... and then, pretty much every day, I would buy a game, without really playing it, but just to keep my hands busy, waiting for Dead Rising 2... 


Eventually, my order from Zavvi would not update to the so desired "dispatched" status... Quickly I canceled my order and re-ordered the game ASAP... and ordered a few other games in the process because I really have a problem with buying games in case you didn't notice... Finally the order set to "dispatched"... I was thrilled, it said it's been dispatched along with BlazBlue... a couple of days later it's Bayonetta and Alan Wake that set to "dispatched"... so NO REASON FOR THEM TO ARRIVE AFTER DEAD RISING 2 RIGHT ? RIGHT ???

Well Dead Rising 2 has been out for a couple weeks (pretty much) already... and it's still not in the mail... you can contemplate my impatience here... How do I feel right now ? LIKE A SPOILED KID WHO DIDN'T GET HIS FAVORITE TOY FOR X-MAS! 


PS: No I didn't buy 2 copies of Bionic Commando btw, it's the same game in both pictures, same for Force Unleashed. Also, the Master System cartridge is Ghosbusters

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<br /> why dont you buy it on steam for $40<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> I feel your pain man, I'm waiting until next month when some exams are over to play it.<br /> <br /> What did you think of the new Bionic Commando? I loved Re-Armed as much as you seem to love Dead Rising (Centrally among my top 10 favorites for this generation) but I was more skeptic with the<br /> retail game, it seemed kind of generic and mediocre and not really in the spirit of the series.<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> They obviously don't know who you are, man !<br /> <br /> <br />