UbiSoft & SONY Keynotes - reaction

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Benzaie, don't fool yourself that the game boy tech was good when it came, because that is simply not true. It was outdated, but because the idea of an handheld device was new back then it felt
very good, but in truth nintendo held back the tech to keep the price down and the battery time up.

About the same time, Atari released the lynx which was priced at 190 dollar but had way better graphics but the price was expensive and it ate battery so quick

Nintendo simply choose to put the graphics behind to make a successful system, which is fine of course.

Oh, and bencaie, 120 bucks in 1989 actually translate to about 220 bucks in today's value, so it's not that big of a differance to be honest.


As long as Bioshock will feature Little Girls, i'll buy it