Top 5 Why Resident Evil 4 SUCKS

Published on by Benzaie

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ahaha admets le ta enjoyé RE4 au fond !


You and I obviously come from different background. I played Resident Evil 1 and rage quit because of the controls and I think I finished RE2 but I can't seem to remember anything about it. My
point being, I never liked those games for some reasons and you seem to like them for the same reasons. Nobody can argue against opinions, some like a game and some hate it. The only thing I found
revolting about your video is that you compare RE4 to an earlier build. If there is something I learned, it's that you should judge a game(or anything for that mater) for what it is and not for
what it should or could have been. Except for that, good video, valid point and we know where you come from saying it.


You're blaming the game for being something its not. It may have been a more survival focused game at some point, but it was not finished so I don't know how you could know that. Complaining that
it has no backtracking. Well it does at some points, and people usually complain about the opposite. Never heard of someone wanting more back-tracking, but your preference I suppose.Anyway both
those complaints are about things absent from the game, and you disregard any merit or demerit in the game itself. You also complain about it not being like other resident evil games, which to me
is not a criticism, and you point out stupid moments in RE4, but its not like the earlier games did not have stupid/ridiculous moments "Jill Sandwich" for example. I found the first RE to be a
comedy as much as an survival horror. Anyway, for me, all your complaints fall completely short, and none of your complaints are enough to say that the game "sucks". Again you just disregard all
its merits.


I see where you are coming from and I understand your disappointment, but as many people have said, RE4 is a great game, but a horrible Resident Evil game. I also agree that the scrapped RE4 would
have been an amazing game, if it was made. I also feel the same way about the old games and how they didn't feel like a typical video game, they were coherent and plausible, like it could have
actually happened.