Therion is STILL the best band ever !

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I saw Therion Live for third time of my life last week end... and I'm still trying to recover from it. Eventhough I was really worried Mats Leven wouldn't be on stage this time around, the show was absolutely extraordinary ! The set of tracks picked the best from their last album as well as a bunch of fans' favorites, I'd say too bad for Tuna 1613 or Son of the Staves of Time... but whatever.

Here are some of the song they performed based on my recollection: (will only interest the fans though): Sithra Arha, Unguentum Sabbati, Hellequin, Kali Yuga III, Perennial Sophia, Typhon, Uthark Rna, Lemuria, Abraxas, Blood of Kingu, Call of Dagon, To Mega Therion, Rise of Sodom and Gomorra & Ginningagap (yep, the show was about 2 hours long !).

Even if you're not too much into metal originally, give Therion a try, best albums for a start are LEMURIA & SIRUS B. Big thank you to Snowy Shaw & Christopher Johnson for their unbelievaly great performance on stage, you can tell these guys love being there for you (it was even better as nothing separated us from the band in the concert room). Therion has been around for over 23 years now, and I really hope they will still be around in another 20 !
If you didn't feel like reading all of that stuff, here is a quick summary:


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