The Witcher 2 VS TES: SKYRIM

Published on by Benzaie

Whatever your opinion, just GET BOTH GAMES ! (well, get SKYRIM when it comes out !)


PS: OMG the Kajits look fucking awesome !


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<br /> That's not evident !<br /> Morrowind had it's flaws as well as oblivion. The original textures and graphics in Morrowind were horrible, and the battle system is unbalanced in BOTH games.<br /> And im saying this as a fan of the Elder Scrolls.<br /> <br /> Interesting enough, benzaie uses a khajit picture to reason with us.<br /> That means he's a furry ! Everyone knows that this series is the holy grail for furrys !<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> There's no way to compare those two games: Skyrim will be better!<br /> (Well, I hope...)<br /> <br /> <br />