The sad reality of Video Game Marketing...

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Let's look at Jungle School for a second... this is the original cover art for UK... Well the game looks like a load of crap and I would never buy that sort of game, but the cover art is okay I guess... The prof looks damn sexy for a teacher but her design remains coherent with the environment... And look ! The Asian kid is playing with the black one... Charming !


Now... let's see what happens when such a game is sold in France...


First of all, the title went from JUNGLE SCHOOL to SUPER TEACHER (subtitled The Class going Crazy), and what a SUPER TEACHER INDEED ! Obviously designed by a totally different artist, the teacher is now a superb blue eyed blond fashion model ! Not to mention how she apparently doesn't give a crap about what's going on around her. Not very concerned with her job is she ? Now let's look at the class... Well the scientist-kid disappeared... I would assume it's because we don't really like the idea of children playing with toxic stuff or something... but he obviously leaves a big empty space on the art... As for the Asian kid, it's hard to tell what the hell he's doing now. Why ? WELL BECAUSE THE BLACK KID IS CUT IN HALF AND PUT BACK IN THE FOREGROUND, IN THE SHADOW OF THE ARIAN TEACHER !


...but hey, they kept the nerdy kid because what we want when buying a game, is seeing caricature of gamers...


BOTTOM LINE: I wouldn't buy a game with such a concept, and even if I would I WOULDN'T WANT TO FUCK THE TEACHER ON THE COVER ART ( so why did you changed her design ?) !*




Thanks for your attention !

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<br /> Moi qui pensait que la censure française c'était terminé...<br /> <br /> Benzaie t'es génial !<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> That's a good question.<br /> The official reason is because people have different tastes in different regions.<br /> <br /> Why did they redesign the SNES console ? That must have been much more expensive.<br /> Why have 4 coloured buttons here and only 2 bland colours in the american version ?<br /> <br /> Actually those companies just have people that do nothing but "localizing" stuff like that.<br /> My guess is: They need to do something or they feel useless.<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> @Kleiner Kokiri: I think the real question is: Why in France we have a totally different cover. It's not new that cover change between region. But why?<br /> <br /> Why a kid disappear, Why the asian kid don't play anymore with the Black kid? And why he almost out of the image?<br /> <br /> I don't understand...<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> If this game is meant for a younger male audience it kind of makes sense.<br /> Children have sexuality as well ~ even though they wouldn't think "man i want to fuck that teacher" it would draw their attention more easily if a "super model" directly looks at them from the<br /> front cover.<br /> The kid in the middle was kind of scary too. So i get why they did that.<br /> I'd take the new box art over the old one.<br /> Basically .. you're right that the attention is centered around the new teacher.<br /> <br /> She's not MILF enough for you, i guess ?<br /> Well ... she's not Loli either, but i would still choose her over the above one.<br /> <br /> Still a nice anecdote from your work as a game journalist i guess ?<br /> It's not a big issue ~ just take a look at american box art. Take Ico as an example.<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> BENZAIE IS THE BEST<br /> <br /> <br />