Street Fighter II Turbo Flipnote !

Published on by Benzaie

... Not really... It's just me fucking around with the Flipnote app from the DSi XL (the one I got for only $40 thanks to a glitch on Amazon NIARK !)



This tool is surprisingly AMAZING ! You can do so much, I've only used the basic function, but it really reminds me of a pocket version of the EXCELLENT Disney Animation released once for the AMIGA !


Now I can draw again, have fun and be creative while being on the crapper ! YEAH !

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<br /> I like how you say Hadoken. You seem to have so much fun there.<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> Flipnote est vraiment génial même si le système est super simple, et certaines flipnotes sont géniales.<br /> <br /> Et j'adore tes flipnotes.<br /> <br /> <br />