Serious Time !

Published on by Benzaie

Share this video please... from my good friend 8-bit Mickey !


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<br /> speechless :o<br /> ...if the end of times fail to come...what will that guy do? Take matter in his own hands?<br /> Kudos for 8-bits Micky to have handled this with the seriousness and professionnalism he displayed<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> They really want you to attack them in some way so they can sue you. Best way to counter them is to set up a booth where they are protesting and collect money for charities they are opposed.<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> Im one who hates when some ones rights are violated but every so often something like this happens and makes me question whether or not all of us deserve to share our opinions if god really hates<br /> jews or homosexuals then to hell with him<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> Let say this way: This "church" is only a bunch of dork, idiots and morons. Don't want offend true dorks, idiots and morons, but they are.<br /> <br /> <br />