Old VS New: Conan (with The Spoony One)

Published on by Benzaie

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Ben, dude, there's something wrong with this vid. I've tried watching it through TGWTG/Blistered Thumbs and now here and the problem is still the same. It loads, buffers and plays fine for the
first few minutes but then after that it seems to have trouble. It will bring up the loading icon, then will play for 10secs, then load, then 10secs. I kept reloading to try and buy time and fought
with it up to the 20min mark but it's really hard to keep up with what is going on.


I knew the movie was going to be average-ish (considering nowadays' standards) but the soundtrack thing really pissed me off. It's like they took some random "epic" songs from Jamendo and put them
together. Even the MMO has a much better soundtrack than the movie, ffs!


THIS is what Conan sounds like.


80s Conan told about Conan's teenage years?

He starts pushing the wheel when he's a kid, he stops pushing the wheel when he's an adult.


I have to agree with both of you guys. The new Conan just couldn't hold up. Something I also hated about the new Conan was the fact that there were just SO many different locations that you
couldn't care less about. Basically every 3 minutes there was a new location - no explanation given why we were taken there, how we got there and how long it took us to get there - just a quick
text-insert and we're supposed to accept it. And just when we got acustomed to the new location - BAM - scene changes, location changes. It was just WAY too much, and made me feel like I was
rushing through a story - maybe the director just had no faith in his work and tried to get it over with asap?