Let's Play Metroid oM w/ Sean & JesuOtaku

Published on by Benzaie

The video is small because it's a recorded stream guys (also explains the framerate)... Trust me, it looks better this way...

PS: Thanks for your support guys, the traffic isn't spectacular but it's already enough for me to apply to an Ad-Revenu system, so just by coming back every day (even when you don't watch a video) you'll be supporting me ! THANKS !

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Thank GOD you finally found a way to record footage so it doesn't look horrible. I would have watched your other LPs, but seriously, camcorder LPs are completely unwatchable.

I'm kind of interested in seeing how this game looks in practice too, so I'd be interested in seeing more footage.


Don't trust her Benzaie ... Hetalia isn't funny. All the characters are male ~ and 99% of the fanbase are yaoi-fangirls D:

I can kind of see now why you dislike Other M so much. Seems that some of the points spoony brought up are indeed true, though i cannot take him seriously enough to value his "reviews" and opinion
like i do yours. You never know when he's just making up bullshit like: "every Zelda-Game is the same" or "Final Fantasy 10 sucks" or when he's doing a serious review instead of trolling or not
knowing what he's talking about.
And of course spoony is always raging and kind of loud :O
Only watching him for the entertainment !

Anyways, you should stream more often.


I really hope you record your reaction to a certain bossfight later in the game. ^^


and once again: no problemo^^