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I graduated in 2008 in  English Language, Civilisation & Literature, with a minor in French as a Foreign Language.

I taught for a year near Manchester from kindergarten to A-level, also had some adults for 1on1 lessons in the evening.

I currently teach English in France via a professional agency. I'm  an officially declared self-employed Translator and have translated one book, a good deal of articles, the content of a museum and two movie scripts.


This information should be enough to convince you that I have what it takes to teach you French, no matter what your current level is.

So if you feel like starting to learn the language or improving your skills, then send me an e-mail benzaie.com@gmail.com to make an appointment online so we can lay a plan together.

My price is the following, know that each "order" will come with an invoice featuring my professional immatriculation:


Price per hour of online class: $20 or £12 or €15

  (tax included, I pay taxes on my total turnover, for $20 you pay, I actually make only €12)

If you start by ordering 5 hours, you get the first one free.


My hours are very flexible.


Thanks for your attention.

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<br /> I mean USD... since I use paypal, you can just pay using the money you want<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> Hmm, this is something I'll seriously consider since I'm a Canadian student looking to get into federal politics and it is almost impossible to do so here without knowing French.<br /> <br /> A few quick questions though: How many lessons do you imagine it would take to build a good foundation of French? I realize this would vary greatly from person to person but I'm a poor student and<br /> may have to choose between gas and French lessons. Also, when you say $20 do you mean USD, or would you take my colorful money as well?<br /> <br /> <br />