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If you're like me, chances are you're not listening to any radio. NONE ! Because the only kind of music you really could listen to for hours upon hours is either Metal or chiptune/retro-V.G.M. This is why I wanted to share with some fine URLs if you're looking for good 8-bit demoscene-style music. 



*** Nectarine ***

I first discovered Nectarine on an old French magazine about the Warez/Demo scene... It was just there, in a corner of the "Featured Websites" page at the end of the publications... Nectarine "Demoscene radio" is exactly that. It streams in pretty much any format known in the universe and the music featured here can go from obscure ym files (Atari ST soundfiles) to the latest tracker tunes you've heard when you last downloaded (legally of course) a game ISO. Definitely the best of the bunch if what you're looking for is variety.


ENJOY ! http://www.scenemusic.net/demovibes/





When Nectarine decides to have so much variety it streams nothing else but repetitive techno beats, I tend to go to Kohina. At least here you know what you'll get, NOTHING BUT 8-bit TRACKER music. So if you're a fan of Atari St, C64 and NSF files, you'll LOE Kohina. Just know that you're friends around might ask you why your listening to Ringtones from 2001. It remains the best place for 8-bit goodness you haven't heard a zillion times already...


ENJOY ! http://www.kohina.com/




*** ModFM & Chiptunes -DIGITALLY IMPORT- ***

Both being available at the same address: http://www.shoutcast.com/radio/Chiptune 

Well first let's talk about ModFM. Well if you are not too much into chiptune and old school format, you might Don't know that MODs are the format used for AMIGA music. Therefore, ModFM is exactly what you think it is: MODs over and over again. Which can be refreshing after 5 hours of Beeps & Boops, because MODs have a much higher sampling quality. I personnally thinks MODs always sound very... unecessary fancy. Meaning that all these high quality samples can sound a bit "trendy" and not "hardcore" enough for an oldfag like me. But I'll admit ModFM often has a pretty good selection, and I have yet to get bored of it... The best one if you're running Windows on an emulator for AMIGA 1200.


As for the last one: Chiptunes - Digitally IMPORT -, it's pretty much just a "melting-pot" of every genre the term "chiptune" can englobe. Be warned that this implies you might often dislike the track featured on air, yet you also can expect the following one to be much different. What's the difference with Nectarine then ? Well Nectarine tends to VERY OFTEN have NON chiptune tracks there, as Demo-makers often create wacky techno remixes filled with easter eggs or stuff composed with current music softwares and samples... So let's say this is the one you want to listen to if you're only into chiptunes, but all kinds of chiptune music.


So tell me, what are YOUR FAVORITES ? Any good links to share ?


Benjamin DANIEL, aka Benzaie.


Make sure you check out this website daily as I'll be putting something new everyday. Writing a comment and sharing the entries on Facebook and Twitter also helps a lot, so think about it as well. See you tomorow !

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<br /> I do still listen to the radio sometimes, but some chiptunes some hell of a lot more fun that reggaeton (I'm from Argentina)<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> I have to say, I'm a big fan of Tim Follin sheerly because of how versatile he is. He's worked on about a dozen different formats and always came out with some rocking chipmusic.<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> Hey Benzai, I like the new site. I'm looking forward to more frequent content updates from you.<br /> <br /> Anyway, after watching your first vlog I decided to ask you 2 questions. The first is about your movie reviews, specifically the "anti-religious" subtext you talked about in Conan The<br /> Barbarian.<br /> <br /> I showed your Top 10 80's Movies videos to a friend of mine because he is a huge fan of Conan, but he was really offended that you said Conan was an atheist and that the movie was, "a big fuck you<br /> to organized religion". He thought you were seeing in these action movies subtext that wasn't really there, and were being self-serving to your own beliefs by stating that Robocop showed how dumb<br /> Americans are, that Predator showed how America was castrated during Vietnam, and especially that Conan The Barbarian was anti-religious.<br /> <br /> I wasn't offended by anything you said, being very against religion myself, but I did not notice the themes and allegories you did – and thus had to wonder if they were objectively present in the<br /> works, or whether you saw themes that didn't really exist to help make movies you enjoyed as a youth more important to yourself during adulthood. Do you feel subtext should be valued in art if it<br /> was not consciously used by its creator, and if the supposed meaning is ambiguous enough that people can find entirely different meanings in the same movie?<br /> <br /> My second question is: are really as horny as you appear? And are you really bisexual?<br /> <br /> Thanks for reading and keep up the good work.<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> I love chiptunes! Right now I'm hearing to some nice tunes made from gameboys from pepino game boy rock band. I still miss those old tunes. The actual MP3 sound very nice, but it's the same as with<br /> graphics.<br /> <br /> When you've played games like Monkey Island, with that nice Pixel Art, 3D isn't the same<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> Yeah right, sadly i know intuitionally where to click. I shouldn't use the internets too much :-)<br /> But thx for your suggestions, really cool music tracks!<br /> <br /> <br />