Let's Play Fortress (not Mine) Craft !

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I find it to be relaxing just letting my imagination take over and just build whatever pops up in my mind. It's a nice outlet for me.


My argument would be that is it like an rpg but rather with a focus on crafting and sandbox design, there is battle, but it stand more like a filler in the minecraft experiance. Also, it feels more
fullfilling to dig and work for your castle than let say clap your hand and have everything like in G-Mod.


You should have built a house.


So why did you have to pay five dollars for a tech demo?

My interest in Minecraft is seeing the incredible structures people build and building my own things like forts to keep out monsters. Some guys I play with are currently recreating the Ashford
estate from Resident Evil.

There's an endless network of caves underground to explore and I've gotten lost in them even.

Minecraft has a bunch of mechanics beyond adding and removing blocks. There's a wiring system in it where you can make complex music devices and traps.

In terms of graphical quality, Minecraft makes room for high detail textures to use on your own (at least on PC).

I don't think it'd work out on the xbox. One of the nice features of the PC version is that your servers can be decked out with mods that resolve hassles you might have. The Lordkat server is
structured very well with custom portals to locations and you can talk and seamlessly switch between creative, survival, and art worlds.

Part of the fun is making use of available resources (though creative worlds let you have whatever you want for really big and complex things.)

Fortress Craft is basically the free alpha demo of Minecraft.


Look at Minecraft like playing with Legos. Fun for a few hours every few days. I wish I spoke French. =(