Let's Play Berserk on PS2

Published on by Benzaie

Published on Let's Play

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I do remember Benzaie making a video where he talked about Berserk, I don't remember if the vid was exclusively about Berserk but maybe he already talked about her there.

And btw, Benzaie, there are dragons in the berserk lore, there even is one in this video game.
I sure would like to see more. I mean, you haven't even gone over the complete cast yet! You need to talk about Schierke and her relationship with Guts!
Ahh Guts, each of your moves literally sweats of Charisma and Manlyness.

It sadly doesn't really appear in the video (easy modo syndrom probably) but the boss battles are extremly well choregraphied and full of cool moves, you can feel the weight of that baddass dragon