Let's Pimp X-mas !

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Ho' Ho' Hoes !



Ladies & younger ladies, as you may know, December marks the holiday season, you know, that time of the year when you just spend a ton on food & gifts you would NEVER eat or offer if it wasn't for the help of the social pressure and marketing campaign... Don't get me wrong, I LOE "Noel" and offering gifts and shit...

A French saying even says "Pleasure of Giving, Joy of receiving". Since Yours truly tends to really like the latter (hehe), let me remind you or inform you that IF YOU'RE NOT TOO BROKE AFTER DONATING TO CHARITY, well you can get Benzaie a little something to make his atheist X-mas even BETTER ! (sorry Jesus).




Basically, if you happen to be an angel, you can either browse my AMAZON WISHLIST HERE,http://images.frandroid.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/amazon-logo.gif


or take a look at my STEAM WISHLIST THERE, as it's pretty neat considering that doesn't involve shipping, (apparently you need to be in my friend list or something, my STEAM ID is caporalhicks !)




or if you really feel like it, though I'm not sure why you wouldn't rather just pick something from the other two options,


you can DONATE to BENZAIE, AKA ME on Paypal !



I'm really not asking for anything here, and rest assured that I'm not really low on cash or whatever (though I couldn't afford going to Mag Fest but that's beside the point), but I know some people here and there generally are feeling generous during that time of the year.


I'll make sure to personally thank anybody sending me a present that way, that's the very least I can do, and I'm very likely to send a little card/print thingy back !


So I'm not gonna drill your mind with these 3 links, 2 of them are permanently on the side-bar anyway, but as we're now the 10th of December, I just wanted to let you know !





actually, shoot me an email/twitter/facebook msg to let me know if you bought something, so I can aknowledge it right away on my own Twitter !

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""I'm really not asking for anything here, and rest assured that I'm not really low on cash or whatever ""

"I'm not gonna drill your mind with these links"...

Did you read carefully ? It's just X-mas, if some wanna send some presents, here is how they can do it... END OF THE STORY !


Ben i really like your work but this is just E-begging. After sean fausz behavior you all should (at TGWTG) think about this. You are better then this man!


I tried to send you a Steam game as a gift but I think you have to confirm me as a "Friend" first? Or should I use the option to send it to your email address instead? (I don't know what your email