Let's Fap - Immoral Study 2

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I'd love to see the main character go and tutor an ugly girl.


You know, if the Muppets spoke like that all the time in French, it would explain so much of the stereotypes we have in the US.


There is no embarrassment in the search of the truth! Heavy Rain have nothing on this deep game that takes you deep in to the psyche of a narcissistic rapist.

If you find the third one you should see if you can get someone from Channel Awesome to colab with you for it even if it is just a cameo.

You also ruined Kermit for me forever Benzaie. :(


GImmegimmegimme a POWERdrill a flouerpot with bread served by alice cooper :D and OF COURSE Kermit and SAM Search for thruth with miss piggi ^^ and fleshmaster Gabogabogabo 300% full power from

aaaaaaaaaaa magical hentai world ... wonderfull ;) ...no condoms, no AIDS, no pregnent girls... and a lot of sex...

seriously now :
damn it was good...the review ;) your lafther was so funny again and a freaking long video (good) and clearly ...AWESOME... !

waiting for part 3 :P mhh... it would be a nice kameo with Spoony or Joe ^^

A++ Jal


I can't believe i watched the whole 2 hours of this game xD
Well done Benzaie.

Anyway, this one was kinda boring at some parts. Like for example the whole thing with the machinery at the "beginning" was way too long. And the first one was more interesting in terms of the
story and decisions you had to make. The girl in the first one was harder to persuade, i would almost say the first one was more realistic :P
But what i like about these games is that the tutor is such an asshole, that's what makes them funny. I like both games.