It's Benzaie's birthday !

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Hello guys, Benzaie here, and we're approaching the 29th of September, which will be my 24th anniversary ! As some of you might be interested in spoiling me for that particular event, I set up an Amazon Wish list on their UK site (so international people can read it yet the games work on my PAL systems). I put stuff from professional mic to action figures & prices go from £5 to £800, any gift would be really appreciated, no matter its price. I also set up a STEAM wish-list you can see by checking my ID on STEAM HERE. You guys have been pretty generous last year, and I have to thank you again for it ! Happy birthday to me & see you every week on (& daily on THIS SITE). And for those who just feel like giving money, which I'm not too sure I'm confortable with, there is a "Support the show link" on the left menu if you scroll down a bit...


Benzaie, soon to be 24 !

PS: before anybody feels like starting some e-begging rant bullshit, let's just point a few facts: it's my fucking birthday, I regurlarly donate to charity & am pretty generous with bums in the streets. Don't worry I won't spam this wish-list on twitter all year-long !

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<br /> I appreciate its simplicity and power. It is easy to use and helps the user to understand the language. Its vocabulary is practical and useful. I have time to use it while in graduate school.<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> Happy Birthday Benzaie!<br /> <br /> De la part d'un fan qui lui aussi, de part sa nationalité, en est réduit à manger des escargots au petit déjeuner.<br /> En bon ingrat que je suis, mes poches sont vides et je ne peux donc pas réduire ta wish list d'un cadeau, alors que tu m'offres régulièrement des bonnes tranches de rigolades avec tes vidéos,mais<br /> je compte bien me rattraper pour tes 25 ans!<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> Happy birthday Benzaie!<br /> 'And unto this, Benzaie, destined to wear the pixeled crown of Interwebia upon a troubled brow.'<br /> - Chronicles of the Interwebs, Book IV<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> Happy Birthday Benzaie!<br /> <br /> Wait, you're less than 3 yrs older than me? And yet you've done so much. Wow my life is pathetic, I really should get off my butt and accomplish something awesome. Anyhoo..<br /> <br /> <br />