Interview with the Nostalgia Critic

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Nice interview but why can't we hear what Doug says at 11:20 - 11:50 ?


This was both funny and informative. This is by far the best and most well crafted interview I have seen of Doug. In fact I will go on to say that this is the best interview I have seen of all
The questions and answers were both brilliantly written to be both informative and funny. And at the same time, the questions and answers were also both short and to the point.

I also applaud Doug for his good responses. A lot of times people give answers that have nothing to do with the question. He tackled these with a powerful blitz and excellent coverage.

I really enjoyed this interview!


My thoughts back then :
damn just incredible... you guys Rock :D !!
that's AWESOME !! and by the way good idea the webcomic.

My thoughts today :
3 years later and your still rock :P !!

my thoughts in the futur :
damn 5 years later and you still are the best. I knew it XD


I've always wondered why he could draw stuff in "Pixel Palace" so well. That explains it.

This is both, hilariously funny AND informative.
Your best Interview thus far.

But @11:30 it gets broke. for 30 seconds
He had Sex with a female fan ? OH HOLY xD

Are you bi-curious or was that a joke ? I watched the end like 10 times but couln't understand if it was a french joke.


So was this pre-TGWTG?