GameFap: Rapelay Commentary

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<br /> Aye... eh....<br /> Actually you DONT die. There are 2 endings. If you 'die' you achieved the bad ending. This usually happens if you impregnate one of the girls.<br /> <br /> But the normal ending is the 'break' ending, where you broke the girls and basically 'won',<br /> <br /> ...<br /> SPOILERZ !!11<br /> Manaka is my favorite btw.<br /> <br /> ALSO:<br /> Im pretty sure you can't buy the game regular. The producer (illusion) as well as different other producers from hentai games, are not letting any people from outside of japan visit their<br /> sites.<br /> They are also not interested in distributing it over partners.<br /> Really no reason to feel bad when pirating it.<br /> <br /> <br />