French cartoon openings #1

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Japaneses mangasses! Full of sex and violence!
And it's always about some "gentils" and the "méchants"! (someone should subtitle Biouman in english)


I remember when I was like 12 and I saw in the tv guide that dragonball was finally going to play on tv in french, I was so excited, since I was a fan of the manga. I woke up at like 5:30am so I
wouldn't miss anything and then, BAM that opening started. They changed it afterward, but then they restarted the series over and over again. I don't think Goku even went past the serpent road.


so yeah... Hokuto no ken theme sounded kinda upbeating and happy for what's about, and c'mon it's almost 3 minutes long.

Dragonball just no, no, just don't even begin with how freakling crappy it sounded. Sailor Moon sounded pretty much like a regular opening so no complaint here.

I don't know any french, so I might be wrong with my impressions about it. i'm from Mexico, so I have heard Dragonball and Sailor moon themes in spanish and in japanese, if any one else is
interested you can see them here:

Sailor moon:
To my understanding, these openings try to kept the most of the original as possible. Well thanks, and it was cool seen these openings as well :D


Wow ... that Dragonball theme is horrible.


YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH !!! planche à Paaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiin !!!!!!!!!!!