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UPDATE ! by TGWTG user MikeScrase
"Actually I figured out an easier way to deal with the sisters and Sulivan. Check out these glitchtastic tips:

With the sisters, bring two or three shotguns (found in the gun store in Palisades Mall) and a few coffee creamers (there's always a bunch in the coffee place right outside of the maintainence tunnel that leads away from the bunker. Anyway, when the fight starts just jump on one of benches in the square part of the room (one without a rope in front of it). Turn around by using aim (you'll fall off if you try to do it without).

The reason for doing this is that the sisters have no ranged attack, so they have no real way to attack you high ground. The AI should get confused and they'll just circle around infront of you. Because of the speed they run it's hard to hit them with another other firearm besides the shotgun, which is why I recommend that gun specifically. They'll still attack you every now and then, and it'll make you fall off the bench, but when that happens just climb back on heal yourself if need be, and keep shooting. They won't get anywhere near to killing you before you kill one of them. Like Benzaie says, you only need to attack one of them, so if the one that you aren't focusing on decides to circle you, just run away and come back.

As for Sulivan, you know how he throws those explosives at you which blow holes in the floor? You can actually use those to your advantage. Run around for a bit and let him blow a few holes. Then when you find one with a platform underneath go down the hole and onto the platform. There might be a zombie on the platform, so kill it if there is, but no other zombies will be able to make it up onto the platform once you've secured it. Now, position yourself on the platform so that you're looking up out of the hole, and angle yourself so that Sulivan is in view. Notice how he isn't shooting you? Yup, you've confused the AI again. I think that for whatever reason, being on the platform makes the program run the script for Sulivan's melee mode. So he'll roll around a bit (and hilarously still taunt you even though you pretty much can't lose from here on) but he won't use any ranged attacks, and no zombies will attack you. Choose any firearm you want (I like the sniper rifle because it does the most damage) and open fire. Nothing can hurt you as long as you stay on that platform. The most trouble you'll have at that point is occasionally missing Sulivan when he decides to roll. But you can take your time aiming anyway, because you're totally safe on that platform, so it's not like you need to rush for anything.

For more Zombrex; there's some in the underground, on a raised platform just north of the Palisades entrace. And in one of the casinos (I don't remember which one) there's this black pyramid thing made up of upright rectangles (bad description really but it's hard to describe). Anyway, climb that. Up the top there's some zombrex and an LMG."

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<br /> Thanks Benzaie, I will need all the FAQ'ing I can take to beat this game.<br /> <br /> I'm also intrigued by the horrific nightmare scenario of Master Bate ravaging the world with rigor mortis and unlimited zombie stamina.<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> A great FAQ You Episode, once again benzaie.<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> haha now i gonna FAQ my Friends :P<br /> ps. YEAAAAH GameFap X)<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> Ah, le gag sur la fabrication de l'arme comme dans Dead Rising est bien trouvé, et le gif est sympa.<br /> Vivement un autre Faq you !<br /> <br /> <br />