E3 Nintendo Conference Reaction

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sorry for spamming your comments, i wanted to add one last thing:

it's been confirmed that Wii U won't have gamecube controllerports and memory card slots, therefor it won't support gamecube games.

no biggie imo, but i'm a little bit disappointed that it also won't uprez your wii games.
dolphin, a gamecube and wii emulator, manages to produce excellent 1080p graphics for both systems.


btw, is there a way to switch the text on your homepage to english? i don't speak french, so i really can't tell what these checkboxes are for :)


of course they showed games that are in development for ps3 and 360 (and will be released earlier), but at least to me it helped to get point across that Nintendo is serious about getting popular
games and franchises from their competitors on their platform and they will look the same.


I kind of see your point Benzaie, but at the same time, you have to consider that there are persons who don't own a Ps 3 or a Xbox 360, like me.

I only got my Wii because I'm a Nintendo and a pc gamer mainly only and I don't really mind playing old games as long as they are good.

Those Xbox and Playstation ports are not targeted at the players that already have those games, they are aimed for those who don't have them obviously, and what's wrong with that really?


C'est clair que c'est cool de pouvoir jouer à la console au chiotte ou dans son lit, sans que ce soit une console portable mais bien la console de salon !

Je pense aussi que c'est pas mal pour les gamins qui du coup ne monopolisent pas la TV et peuvent continuer à jouer dans leur coin sans faire chier les parents.

Par contre, je suis assez d'accord avec Kleiner Kokiri par rapport à l'écran comme extension des jeux. Tout dépendra si les développeurs adoptent vraiment le truc ou non, comme ils l'ont fait sur
la DS avec l'écran tactile et sur la Wii avec la wii mote.