Conan 3D trailer and what I think of it

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It shouldn't surprise anyone here that I'm a HUGE fan of the first Conan the Barbarian movie... I love this movie to an almost religious level (how ironic!). So of course I was extremely afraid of how they would bring back the barbarian to the big screen... But still, can the fans legitimately expect or require something as good as the original anyway ? We've been treated with a cartoonish sequel, an even more cartoonish side-story (Red Sonja), a cheesy ass cartoon series and a bunch of forgettable Xena-esque TV specials (anybody watched them ?).

So of course I can't really expect to see masterpiece rise from the crap-ashes. Not to mention I really wasn't sure about Jason Momoa playing the Cimerian. But now I've seen the actual trailer... and I can say for sure that, at least, I'm not angry ! SURE there are plenty of stuff in it that scare me a bit... mostly the cheap 3D shots, the cheap CGIs, and the over-all cheap-ness... and it seems like we're gonna have to deal with a lot of over-blown action scenes with lots of jumping and I'm afraid, no REAL violence. I mean the shot of that female warrior screaming with a battle going on in the background looks quite cheap, as in you don't believe it for a second. I'm not sure about the love interest either... maybe because I liked Valeria so much that I can't conceive Conan being with a precious princess looking this fragile...

But NOW, really, I must say that I'll go watch this movie, if there is one thing that got my attention: CONAN. He looks bad ass and seems to really move like a panther, just the way he should... Of course we'll see that in the long run, but it's the thing I feared the most: CAN they have someone else play CONAN and make us believe it ? Well now I know. I also like the costumes a lot, especially what I think is the bad guy's... eventhough... MY GOD it's absolutely not on par with Thulsa Doom's ! But again, why bitch about this ? The original was perfect, so let's see what this one brings to the table... I JUST cross my finger that the movie won't feel like a  PG-13 action/adventure flick like Prince of Persia was. PoP was fine for what it was, but it's MOTHER FUCKING CONAN WE RE TALKING ABOUT HERE !

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<br /> I have to say that I agree with you on this one. The original Conan is one of my favorite movies and I was a little worried about what this reboot would do. It seems like they're sticking to the<br /> original material, and damn did they get a good actor for Conan. I'm just hoping that the trailer is showing us only the action scenes and that the overall movie is deeper than what we're seeing. I<br /> hope you do a video on this movie when you see it. I would love to hear what you think.<br /> <br /> <br />