C. Martinet: the voice of Mario Interview

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Cet homme est une légende ! En plus de ça, sa est clair et il articule tellement bien que j'ai pu comprendre tout ce qu'il a dit. Un grand merci Benzaïe pour avoir posté cette vidéo


Wow, so being grateful and thankful towards the person who have provided you with work for about 20 years is now days called "suck his d***"?

When I was brought up my mother teached me to be grateful, humble and respectful towards the one that provides you with work and payment, but I guess today's kids don't learn that any longer.

Regardless, great interview.


I could listen to this man all day. Charles is such an amazing talent. However, the first Mario game he was in was Mario's Game Gallery for the PC. I can certainly understand why he would either
forget about it or not bring it up though, because it wasn't very good or well-known.

Thanks for this cool quickie interview, Benzaie.


He sure sucks a lot of Mr. Miyamoto's d*** in this interview, don't you think? Nevertheless he's a great voice actor and a perfect fit for Mario and co. :)