Benzaie Q&A #5 (Formspring Resurrection)

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So here is the famous DOGGY for Oric ATMOS, the first game I ever played:

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I'm not sure that's where we ask the questions, nevermind, I'd like to know what you think about the most "bankable" shonen right now, such as One Piece, Naruto, Bleach... ?

PS: You're awesome, my favorite TGWTG reviewer, with TG himself!


Cool, you're left wing and so am I. That was kind of obvious if we follow all your videos and at least one tweet you made about Fox News.

As for my own stance on free speech/hate speech (by the way, not US, I'm Québécois), sure I think stopping people is fine up to a certain point. Like not for just having the bad thought, but
actually causing trouble and psychological damage (which might be hard to prove). Maybe that's what France does and that's OK. Arrest scientology and assholes like that, I'm all for it and I hate
how they're always defended in the US without a second thought because of the constitution. Would TJ be arrested though for his YouTube vids, just placing his thoughts out there without going in a
church and stopping the ceremony for example?


I think there has been a little confusion with the Hokuto no Ken question. I didn't meant the other manga "La légende de Raoh"(sorry only know the french title), I meant before the fast forward,
when Raoh was alive.

Thanks for the answer nevertheless, you are a great man/alien/thing.


For some reason you now remind me of the Dalai Lama with your new haircut. I think it is the bathrobe that nails it for me.


first of all thx for the answer :) and for the print screen.
Damn Scarlet doing the voice of GameFap 0.o or even marion and her doing it at the same time x)
Wawo amazing these weird questions ^^"
BUT WAIT !!!! What was this for a youtube link ?!
ps. I'm a socialist to... and yes, frensh politics are weird sometimes x'D