Ben's TOP 5 Best movies of 2011

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Thanks for the top of movies! Now I know what films are worth seeing
I went and watched sucker punch after seeing your review ben and want to thank you. After seeing cinema snobs comments on it I had been even more unsure.<br /> <br /> From the start I felt right off the movie was amazingly well directed as with know real words I could easily put together in my mind the details of what was going on.<br /> <br /> I hate how people use the term dream sequence for what was her way of reinterpreting reality in a way she could cope with during her terrifying situation.<br /> <br /> The double layer of it is what I think alot have a hard time getting past because I think they dont understand that although its repainted as a brothel through her eyes virtually all of what we see<br /> there is a reflection of the real world.<br /> <br /> Also how some said there was no tension to the battles because they couldnt lose. Major sign of a slow mind imo im sorry to say. SImply point to the scene where the character Rocket dies.<br /> <br /> In the combat layer of the fantasy she sacrifices herself to save her sister by forcing her to jump clear of the bomb, in the real/1st layer of fantasy she more simply but no less brave and<br /> selfless she leaps between the enraged cook and her sister takinga knife to the chest. It was in fact for me a strangely harsh scene and combined with the end really did live up to the name.<br /> Because even as I enjoyed it immensly I felt a strange deeply rooted almost depression brought on after the film ended.
A good list! Your personal favorites of the year, just as it should be, and with good motivations as always. :)
For a person who remembered gantz and put zebraman and battle royale on the "movies of decade" list you should REALLY start a new show dedicated to reviewing all these unique asian flics. You have<br /> a very rich and peculiar point of view over these. I would love to see what you think about Love Exposure, Save the green planet and other bizarre stuff like that lol
Hell yea your right, sucker punch was the damn best movie of this year, cant see why so many people hate it.<br /> <br /> And i have to agree on most of your top 5/6ish list, except i didnt see that japanese sci-fi so i dont know anything about it.