Angouleme (French Comic-con) day 2

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See above Astonishing X-men Ghost Box signed, Storm litography (signed & personnalized, limited to 300 copies only) and A FREACKING ORIGINAL DRAWING of LOGAN signed & personnalized, ALL BY Simone Bianchi (Thor: for Asgard). The guy liked doing the interview so much he made an original art for me, when people were supposed to enter some lottery to win that kind of treat !... In other words: I'm VERY lucky.


Stay tuned for my video about this amazing event, featuring interviews of not only Bianchi, but also Stephen Silver (Clerks: Animation, Kim Possible), Giuseppe Camuncoli (X-men X-infernus, Dark Wolverine) & Burchielli (DMZ). Expect some recorded drawing performance by Boschi (Ghost Rider).

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