Games I wished showed up at E3

Published on by Benzaie


Eventhough this looks NOTHING like Max Payne... I just want to see him back !


Beyon Good & Evil 2:

"will be unveiled when ready" ... my money is on a next-next gen system.


Pr. Layton X Ace Attorney:



Half Life 2 episode 3 :

by the time it's out, this fake screen will look dated !

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Actually I read it yesterday but I had some thoughts about it and today I wanted to read it again because it is very well written.

About Max Payne:

I would love to see him back, but on the other hand, part two already felt a bit like they were trying too hard and for the most part, the first game felt complete for me without the sequel.

About Beyond Good & Evil 2:

I would love to see this getting made, but at the moment it feels more like it is becoming the next Duke Forever.
Something that this game just doesn't deserve.

Pr. Layton X Ace Attourney: Objection!

What is this I don't even......Ö.ö

Half Life 2 episode 3:

The bigger question is, will it be relevant anymore?
The Original Half Life 2 is now ca 6/7 years old and while HL2 still is a great game, many people just won't care anymore when Ep3 is finally out.
At least that is what I am afraid of.
In the worst case it will drown in between all that warfare games.